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Current Technical Pursuits

Agile Practices, Cloud Computing and Microsoft Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Silverlight, and WPF

Skills & Technical Background

Professional Experience

10/2009 - Present Overwatch Tactical, LTD / Textron Systems Corp. Austin, TX

Currently Senior Software Engineer on the product line at Overwatch Tactical. (3/10 – Present)

Worked as a software engineering contractor working on the product line. (10/09 - 3/10)

  • Diagnosed and fixed software defects for various products within the product line
04/2009 - 10/2009 Qvinci Software San Marcos, TX

Worked as a software developer for a company producing financial analysis and visualization software.

01/2009 - 04/2009 Diligent Software Liberty Hill, TX

Owner of a software consulting firm located in the Austin Metro area. This business is currently inactive.

02/2004 - 04/2009 Diligent Contractors, Inc. Temecula, CA

Owner (50%) of a commercial door and glass construction company built from the ground up.

  • Wrote software to manage human resources, payroll, job costing, contract management, billing, and job estimation. Utilized Visual Studio 2008, C# & Microsoft .NET framework, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Microsoft Access 2007.
  • Hired and trained installation and administrative labor force
  • Maintained financial records and accounts payable for company
  • Managed installation crews on contracts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000
  • Managed and performed administrative tasks such as payroll, insurance, sales tax, inventory, and purchasing
  • Estimated job costs and wrote contract proposals
  • Maintained computer systems in office including Windows 2003 Server and workstations
  • Designed brochures, artwork, business cards and other marketing material for the company
    Diligent Door and Glass Logo Diligent Contractors, Inc. Logo Diligent Supply Logo
12/1994 - 04/2004 Visual Records Consulting, Inc. Temecula, CA

Primary developer for a custom software consulting company.

  • Wrote premium administration software for the medical insurance industry
  • Ported, maintained, and improved health risk analysis software for a health appraisal office of Kaiser Permanente hospital
  • Wrote medical records scanning and archival software for UC San Diego Genetics
  • Designed and implemented Visual Records 1.0 and vrMedCorr 2.0. Version 1 was a single tier, product grade, configurable, record keeping application built on top of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro platform. Version 1 was configured for multiple industries and sold to multiple customers. Version 2 focused on the release of information tracking niche for hospital record keeping departments. It was a complete rewrite utilizing the Microsoft.NET platform, C#, and three tiers.
  • Implemented and maintained a Linux box to provide DNS (djbdns), e-mail (qmail & squirrelmail), web server (apache), and firewall and routing services (iptables).


(The percentage specified in brackets designates the portion of the project completed by me.)

  • Medical Records Imaging and Archival Software. Microsoft.NET, SQL Server. Interfaced with a high performance page scanner and automated the CD burning archival process. [100%]
  • Medical Records Release of Information (ROI) Software
    • Visual Records 1.0: A single tier Visual FoxPro database application designed to be highly configurable. Deployed at a number of Kaiser Permanente medical record departments in Southern California. [80%]
    • vrMedCorr 2.0: Microsoft.NET, SQL Server. A three tier database application designed for data integrity, scalability, and responsiveness. [70%]
  • HIPAA Compliance System for Kaiser Permanente. Microsoft.NET, Visual FoxPro, DB2, and SQL Server. This system interfaced multiple 1-tier Visual Records v1.0 installations with a central HIPAA compliance system. Utilized XML, DB2, and hand coded replication. [60%]
  • Construction Estimation Software. Microsoft Excel. Utilized extensive VBA macros to perform various tasks. Interfaced with a Microsoft.NET program for reporting purposes via XML. [100%]
  • Diligent Tools. Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Microsoft.NET. Software written to run my construction business. Employed an Access front end and a SQL Server 2005 backend with extensive use of C# stored procedures and functions inside SQL Server. Calculated timesheets and payroll amounts, managed contracts, and calculated monthly billing. [100%]
  • Diligent Tools / Web. ASP.NET and SQL Server. A web based reporting interface for Diligent Tools. Supports job lookup using full text searching. Performs Job Costing and other report functions. [100%]
  • Diligent Tools / Reports. Microsoft.NET, XML, and SQL Server. Produces Word document reports from data contained in SQL Server as well as the construction estimation software. Produces billing applications, construction submittals, proposal letters, and more. [100%]
  • Fractal Renderer. Microsoft.NET and WPF. A hobby project to showcase WPF graphical capabilities and multi-processing software techniques. [100%]
  • Hearts. Microsoft.NET and WPF. Sample Program utilizing WPF, MS Expression Design, & MS Expression Blend.
  • Web Based Bible Software. Microsoft.NET and ASP.NET. Uses a hand coded full text search and regular expression engine. Partially completed. [100%]
  • QuickBooks Synchronization. Microsoft.NET, XML, and SQL Server. Incrementally replicates 95% of the content of a QuickBooks company file and store the data in a SQL Server database. Data is used for job costing in "Diligent Tools / Web". [100%]

A demonstration of select Portfolio items is available upon request.